Ideas for Project Integrating Technology

Consider Multiple Intelligences As You Decide on a Product!

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The theory of multiple intelligences was developed in 1983 by Dr. Howard Gardner , a professor of education at Harvard University. Gardner took the concept of ‘intelligence’ to a new level. His theory suggests that intelligence can be thought of in these following 8 areas.

1. Linguistic intelligence (Word Smart)
2. Logical-mathematical intelligence (Number Smart)
3. Spatial intelligence (Picture Smart)
4. Musical intelligence ( Music Smart)
5. Intrapersonal intelligence (Social Smart)
6. Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence (Body Smart)
7. Interpersonal intelligence (Self Smart)
8. Naturalist intelligence (Nature/Outdoor Smart)

Integrating Gardner into Your Teaching

The theory of multiple intelligences is very valuable for teachers to make use of and integrate because it expands your scope of available teaching/learning tools beyond the conventional methods (e.g. lecture, textbooks, writing assignments, etc.).
As you plan your unit, you don’t have to teach utilizing all eight areas, however, you should begin to consider the possibilities. Keeping your students interest and needs in mind as you plan will be maximize the teaching or learning of your chosen topic.
Incorporating Garner will help you reach more of your students diverse teaching styles.

This is how these intelligences would translate into a sample unit about green chemistry:
• Linguistic: your students read about green chemistry
• Logical-mathematical: your students study mathematical formulas that represent different aspects of green chemistry
• Spatial: your students examine graphic representations illustrating chemicals used for pollution prevention.
• Naturalists: your students observe and record chemical pollution in the natural world.
• Interpersonal: your students study and show how pollution affects on society or the people in the community
• Intrapersonal: keep a reflection journal of how any aspect of green chemistry affects them personally
• Musical: Listen, learn, and/or sing an existing song or rap that demonstrates the concept of pollution.
• Bodily-kinesthetic: study and show the effects of pollution on human body.

Technology Products that Reflect Multiple Intelligence
Below are examples of products you may choose that makes use of Garner’s Multiple Intelligences:

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Verbal: Linguistic (Word Smart)
Description, Linguistic uses words effectively to communicate information
Example of products: Word games, riddles, rhymes, poems, podcasts, recitations, speeches, debates, telling a story, dictionary/glossary.
Technology Integration: word-processing programs such as Word and Appleworks. Recording software such as Audacity for podcasting, Presentation software such as PowerPoint. Easibook in Easiteach.
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Visual – Spatial (Picture Smart)
Description: Spatial uses images, color, shapes, and forms to interpret and share information
Products: Models, illustrations, photographs, puzzles, maps, concept maps, structures, costumes, sceneries, posters, dioramas
Technology Integration: Simulation Software, digital cameras, video, paint programs such as KidPix, Easibook in Easiteach.

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Logical – Mathematical (Number Smart)
Description: Mathematical uses numbers, sequences, patterns, and symbols to communicate and solve problems.
Products include word and number problems, strategy games, Venn Diagrams, charts, graphs, and time lines
Suggested Technology: Microsoft Word, Excel, Inspiration and Kidspiration
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Musical – Rhythmic (Music Smart)
Description: Rhythmic uses rhythm, tonal patterns, and pitch to create understanding
Products include information set to tune and rhythm: chant, rap, song, instrumental composition
Suggested Technology: Music editing software such as Garageband.
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Bodily – Kinesthetic (Body Smart)
Description: Kinesthetic uses the body to communicate, solve problems, and make connections through action and movement.
Product Types: Crafts, dance, drama, mime, role playing, creative movement, sports.
Suggested Technology: Video editing
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Naturalists - Nature/Outdoor Smart
Description: Naturalists uses things found in nature and the outdoors to communicate information.
Products include activities such as hiking, climbing, fishing for purposes of observation and study. It consists of research of animals, living things, plants, ecosystems, and weather.
Suggested Technology: Video and cameras
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Interpersonal and Social
Description: Interpersonal and Social focuses in on the interaction and communication between people.
Products can include group conferences, videos, documentaries, and slideshows. It can include cooperative tasks like think-pair-share and jigsaws.
Suggested Technology: Microsoft Word, video editing such as iMovie and MovieMaker, PowerPoint, Online Blogging on Wordpress or Blogger, Wikis
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Description: Intrapersonal focuses on the personal aspect of the students.
Products include reflective or learning logs, goal-setting journals, and blogging
Suggested Technology: Microsoft Word for jounaling, Online Blogging on WordPress and Blogger